Design Rules

Design Rules

The design rules describe the boundaries of the design. For a fast development trajectory it’s essential to take these rules into account. Click here to download the Design rules in .pdf format.

Upload files

Gerber X files

To develop your PCB it is necessary to upload the following Gerber files:

  • Signal layers;
  • Soldermask Top & Bottom Layer;
  • Silkscreen Top & Bottom Layer;
  • Drill layer;
  • Pad data;
  • Board Outline Layer;
  • Stencil Top & Bottom layer.*

* Productronics can facilitate the stencil data (including reduction) if desired.

BOM (Bill Of Material) file

To purchase the correct component types it is necessary to include in the BOM file:

  • Component name;
  • Component description (e.g., 1%, 50V);
  • Reference name (R1, C1, etc.);
  • Package.

SMD mount file

For correct assembly the SMD mount file should include the following details:

  • Reference (R1, C1, etc.);
  • X and Y coordinates;
  • Rotation;
  • Component;
  • Package.
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